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Welcome to my platform where a spectrum of services is curated to meet your diverse needs. With a commitment to excellence and a global perspective, I offer comprehensive solutions across various realms. Explore the range of services designed to empower your journey to success.

Bondservant of Christ

As a bondservant of Christ, my life is devoted to following the teachings of Jesus, embodying love, compassion, and humility in service to God and others.

Global Solutions Provider

In my role as a global solutions provider, I leverage expertise and a worldwide perspective to offer comprehensive solutions, guiding individuals and businesses towards success across diverse realms.

Real Estate Consultancy

Unlock the potential of real estate with expert guidance. From finding your dream home to navigating complex transactions, my consultancy services ensure informed decisions and measurable results.

Business Solutions

Whether you’re starting, hosting, or growing your business, I provide strategic support. From business setup to event hosting, my services are tailored to enhance your business endeavors in Jamaica or the USA.

Digital Marketing

Elevate your online presence with effective digital marketing strategies. From search and social media advertising to overall digital optimization, I guide you in maximizing your impact in the digital landscape.

Language Services

Break language barriers with professional language services. Whether you need translation, interpretation, or language consulting, my services enhance communication across diverse linguistic landscapes.


Elevate your experience by connecting with our global church. Watch us online or visit us in Jamaica.


Connect with the apostle to remain protected. Access the officer of the Senior Pastor here.

Event Planning

Celebrate life’s special moments with meticulous event planning. From dream weddings in Jamaica to corporate events, to funerals. I ensure seamless coordination, leaving you free to enjoy every moment.

Education and Training

Access our academy for learning, growth, and earning opportunities. From business courses to personal development, our academy provides a platform for continuous learning and skill enhancement.

Gospel Music & Creative Arts

Refresh yourself with uplifting gospel music and creative arts. Explore curated selections that inspire and bring joy to your soul.

Ministry, Books and Supplies

Discover a curated collection of books and supplies. For personal enrichment or professional development, my recommendations enhance experience.




115 Hope Road,
Suite 12, Liguanea Post Mall
Kingston 6,
Jamaica, W.I.

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